M&A cases

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Acquisition of market presence in adjacent business area

Market development required a change from “off-the-shelf” to solution sales. Acquiring business was not present in a key segment required to offer full-range solutions to the market. Market screening left only a handful of relevant targets and after initial dialogue with multiple targets, one was chosen and full process was supported.

Acquisition to eliminate price pressure from “annoying” competitor

After years as market leader, Acquirer was being surpasssed by two smaller competitors with strong and more competitive market offering. To maintain market leader position, dialogue was established with both competitors, and after thorough due diligence, the most promising of the two was acquired.

Acquisition of technology

Acquirer did not have a technological platform that would allow cross-border competitiveness and hence wanted to maintain pace in growth by acquiring company with an already established platform. After market screening and evaluation of platform compatibility, it was chosen to initiate and complete an acquisition of a close competitor.

Acquisition of competencies

To meet customers within their more complex business needs, a volume-driven seller of standardized products acquired an international solution-selling company with the purpose of achieving cross-platform synergies. Acquirer was supported throughout.

Acquisition of market presence

In order to become a full-range provider in a given segment, Acquirer wanted to achieve a more sofisticated service range fast. Six possible candidates where evaluated and process initiated and completed with the more attractive one.

Acquiring forward integration

To protect margins in North-American B2B-market facing increasing consolidation on the customer side, a market leading manufacturer decided to establish a position in retail through acquisitions. Assignment included managing the acquisitions, valuation, negotiation and post-merger-integration of non-listed Companies into a publicly traded Company.

Sales preparation – becoming the “annoying” competitor

Smaller Danish retailer was actively positioned as an “annoying” competitor within an attractive niche to large PE-owned company. Assignment was to provide strategy for preparation and provide strategic support throughout negotiations until closing.

Spin-off of business area

The owner of a middle-sized supplier to the oil&gas-industry decided to sell a business unit, as the unit was increasingly faced with requirements to service customers internationally, and the owner’s focus was primarily national. The assignment was to provide strategic foundation and spin-off planning for taking the business to market.

Sale of retail chain in North America

Owner was approached by competitor with growth strategy. Our assignment was to evaluate offer and assist the negotiation.