Extensive experience with M&A and strategy services

We have executed more than 60 due diligence processes, 20 strategy processes and 20 large scale business development projects within various industries. We have listed a selection of these cases in headline form – please do contact us if you are interested in learning more about a specific case.



  • Acquisition of complementary business unit
  • Acquisition of ”annoying” competitor
  • Acquisition of technology
  • Acquisition of competences
  • Acquisition of market presence
  • Acquisitive strategy with the purpose of forward integration



  • Sales preparation – becoming the “annoying” competitor
  • Spin-off of business area
  • Sale of retail chain



  • Strategy to consolidate Nordic market
  • Strategy for business unit in Sweden
  • Strategy to obtain market leader position
  • Strategy as reaction to ”threatening” newcomer
  • Strategy for vendor to mining sector
  • Strategy for market expansion into North Atlantic
  • Growth strategy for regional business area
  • Innovation strategy
  • Strategy for long-term development of corporate it

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