Making successful acquisitions

It is our goal to help our customers make successful acquisitions – every time.

To do that, we provide specialized strategic services at all stages of an acquisition by combining strategy, valuation, change, risk management and management tools with heavy experience as serial acquirers on behalf of both publicly traded and PE-owned companies.

Our services include

Developing the acquisitive strategy
Determine whether acquisitions is the better strategic alternative to meet your goal and if so, what to buy and how.

Pipeline establishment/target screening*
Determine what cases better suit the strategic rational in your acquisitive strategy and outline plan to drive acquisitions.

Commercial due diligence
Once in process with a potential acquisition, we determine in detail: what is the market potential, platform compatibility and synergies to be reaped in this case. This is where we ensure that you are not overpaying and that the paid value can be retrieved post-closing.

Post-merger planning (PMP)
We make the detailed plan for what to do the first 100/500 days after closing to ensure that the performance dip in the acquired company is minimized the most and hence, that your return on investment is as planned or above.

Post-merger integration (PMI)
Whether the goal is to ensure minimum impact, merging functions or a full strategic re-alignment, we are your representative “on ground” to ensure the proper communication, training, platform alignment (business systems, HR, reporting etc.) – and above all: that the acquired organization is able to take ownership over the strategic goals motivating the acquisition.

Disaster Recovery
If the integration process has or is about to be de-railed it will be decisive to move fast with a lean, fast and targeted transformation approach. We have the experience and  tool box to support/drive a recovery process.

Our approach
We want to deliver targeted, efficient and value-adding services every time we are engaged by our customers. Hence, we have formulated 6 standards by which we want to be judged – we call this The Admoneo Way.