Sune Fraes Diernaes

Positions held

Managing partner, ADMONEO
Strategy & Business Development Manager, Head of department – MTH corporate
Vice President, Finance & Systems – Oticon Canada Ltd - Oticon Retail
Project Manager, ERP Systems – Oticon A/S

Experience and responsibilities

14 large business strategy processes with focus on positioning and platform development
18 M&A transaction processes, hereof 7 completed (4 as acquirer, 4 as seller)
Finance, KPI-development and reporting
4 complete ERP installations
Detailed understanding of it, former it-manager
6 years of managerial experience, 4 years of influencing through corporate strategy function
Master of Political Science, CBA
Lived in Canada (2½ years), Chile (1 year), Germany (1½ years); projects of longer duration in Norway, France, Poland, The Netherlands

Contact Sune via mail or phone +45 2729 2139. Meet Sune on linkedin.