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Sune Fraes Diernaes

Admoneo Sune

Sune Diernaes is founding partner in ADMONEO. Before joining ADMONEO, he has worked full-time with strategy development, corporate and business unit strategy, carve-outs, acquisitive strategy and strategy implementation as an internal strategist and head of department in a large Construction conglomerate. Before this, he planned and launched the acquisitive strategy for building up a national retail chain in Canada buying up retail chains from a position as VP of Finance & It in a large Danish conglomerate and with the responsibility of integrating the acquired businesses. He combines his experience with M&A and strategy development with the ability to translate strategic goals into detailed and operational to-do-lists encompassing the whole business platform. He speaks 4 languages and has lived and worked abroad on three continents.

Contact Sune Diernaes via email or by phone +45 2729 2139. See Sune Diernaes on .