About us

We know what it means to be in your shoes

Most people advising on M&A and strategy have worked their career in advisory services and have no incentive nor experience with making deals work post-closing or strategies work once the glossy presentations have been distributed in the board room.

Not us. We come from the corporate world and have had the responsibility not just of driving deals and strategies, but also making them work in the real world of changing priorities, busy management schedules and change-reluctant employees.

Therefore, we have designed our services to reflects our customers’ needs, not just for planning, but for results. We have made it our mission to ensure that all of our customers’ acquisitions are successful. In the same way, our strategic services have a strong bias towards implementation.

For us, all acquisitions should create value for the Acquirers – and today, most don’t. The reason for this being overoptimistic valuations; assuming rather than verifying synergies; hard-ball negotiation tactics rather than value-creating ones; and a lack of attention to what it takes not just to implement change, but to create ownership for that change and realize its full potential in the acquired organization.

By combining analysis with extensive hands-on experience from all stages of acquisitions and ranging from the high-level strategic to nitty-gritty of it and finance, we help our customers avoid many, and potentially costly, pitfalls. We either drive or leverage your acquisitive strategy by being the ones that – while everyone else are focused on documenting the past, pleasing the banks and doing their day-to-day job – focus on making sure you get your investment’s worth – and sometimes more.

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